Play The Piano Day and Night
Anytime, Anywhere

Genio opens the new horizon for acoustic pianos
GENIO SILENCER? GENIO Silencer helps you play the piano all day long without worrying about bothering the neighbors.
GENIO Silencer introduces a new concept for the piano It keeps the advantage of the acoustic pianos and combines various functions of the digital pianos. You can also switch between the acoustic piano and the silent piano easily by simply clicking the mute button.
Why Choose GENIO? GENIO Silencer has developed over 30 years of independent research and focuses on exporting to Europe the home of the piano, and 30 other countries.
R&D CENTER GENIO Silencer has its own R&D center and works with great development teams to research and develop hardware and software continuously. We also communicates with customers for continuous and fast updates.
The World's Best Contactless Optical Key sensor GENIO Silencer has the world’s best contactless optical key sensor The ultra-slim sensor can be applied to all pianos in the world regardless of the size of the space under the piano keys. Our sensor precisely senses and measures the movements of all piano keys.
Application You can also control your silencer convenienltly by using MIDI-BLU App. About the MIDIBLU
GENIO protects your own private time. Don’t get disturbed by anyone Don’t disturb anyone GENIO protects your own private time. Play the piano whenever and wherever you want GENIO Silencer
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